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Instrumentation and Control Cables 300V, 500V, 600V)


European Standard (EN 50288-7)
PLTC/ITC Tray Cables UL Standards
British Standard


Thermocouple  Cables (ANSI & IEC Code)


PLTC/ITC Tray Cables UL Standards
British Standard



Fieldbus Cables


Industrial Ethernet / Profinet
Foundation Fieldbus
Mod Bus


Medium Voltage Cables up to 45kV


IEC Standard
British Standard



Low Voltage Power Cables up to 3kV


IEC Standard
British Standard


Special Solutions –  Halogenfree cables


In a significant number of cases, physical degradation problems have emerged, such as cracking in the Outer Sheath.
These problems are generally produced when the cables are installed at high temperature environments, above 50 ºC.
In addition, other factors like the armour in the design and a faulty installation process can also originate the appearance of the problem.



The solution to this problem was to develop new compounds with greater tear resistance at high temperatures in armored cables.
All precautions and good practice in the installation process are always recommended but also the cables should provide a better performance to prevent the cracking appearance.
Thus, the outer sheath compound should guarantee a tear strength value above 5 N/mm, in a range of temperatures exceeding  50ºC. This new developed compound was the challenge for our COCC (Center Of Competence Compounds).



The solution found was highly useful.

The appearance of cracks in the outer sheath forces the replacement of cables with the associated maintenance costs that this entails, both in product and time and other costs, production stops, etc.

The SUMSAVE® compound avoids this kind of cost.





Special Solutions – S-Block Multilayer-Sheath


In applications where cables may be subjected to attack from concentrated aromatic hydrocarbon, solvents or other chemicals, the standard outer sheath materials are not enough protection for the cable. Then, an extra protection (barrier) layer is needed.

There are 2 solutions for this purpose:

Lead sheath. Traditional solution, consisting in a lead extrusion over a PVC bedding.

S-Block. chemical protection, consisting in a 3 layer combination, which provides similar chemical protection to lead sheath, but offering significant advantages

2.PVC, PE or XLPE Insulation
3.Individual pair screen (optional)
4.Wrapping polyester tape
5.Tinned copper drain wire
6.Copolymer/Aluminium tape, impermeable to moisture and protection against EMI.
7.High density polyethylene (HDPE) bedding, resistant to inorganic chemicals
8.Extruded polyamide 12  layer (Nylon), resistant to organic chemicals and termites
9.Steel wire armour (SWA)
10.PE, PVC or LSOH outer sheath.

S-Block AP protection layer offers, in comparison to traditional lead sheath:


Cable weight is reduced up to 70%

Overall diameter is reduced up to 20%

Bending radius is reduced up to 25%

Termination time is reduced up to 50%

Environmentally friendly

Less hazardous to health

Cost is up to 20% lower






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