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Emergency Shut Down Valve


The Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV) controls process media flow and is responsible for isolating the supply of hazardous gasses and fluids within the pipeline in the event of an emergency. As a result, these valves provide more reliable performance than standard on-off valves




Control values for Power plant ,oil, Gas, Petrochemical

General purpose Contoured-port value Teflon Body ,Micro Flow, Cryogenic Service

MS, MD, MT,CC General Purpose globe values

HP,IP,LP stream turbine application DV300-HP &DV300-LP series

Severe service Application control value

Muliple nozzle combines a coolant control value Desuperheater & Multiple nozzle Desuperheatering Systems

Tripple offset Buterfly valves

Eccentric rotating plug control values

Segment Ball valve    



DV400-Series range of Valves was developed to provide a cost effective, reliable and easily maintained control valve capable of working in rigorous environments.The quick change trim option provides for easily accessible seat and trim components to minimise fitting and parts replacement times. Stem guided contoured trim in both balanced and non balanced configuration gives excellent rigidity and resistance to vibration and service wear.The valve is designed to accommodate other products within the DJC multi-hole multi stage and disk stack X[iks]-Trim.



Shut-off Valve





Floating Ball valve


Trunnion Pipeline Ball valve & Double Block and Bleed valve


Full- welded Ball valve


Top- Entry Ball valve


Metal Seated Ball valve


Orbit Ball valve V-type  Ball valve


3 way /4 way Ball valve  

Butterfly valve


These valves are for water or air service service where a drop-tight shut-off and double flanged flanged body are required 


Suitable for variety of liquids and gaseous media in water works, power plants, sewage plants, process industries, chemical and petrochemical plants etc. for tight shut-off and control. 


Ideally suited for isolating as well as throttling


Technical Specifications

Manufacturing and Testing Standard
 BSEN 593(BS 5155) / IS13095/ AWWA-C-504

Size Range

200 to 2700 mm


Pressure Rating

BS EN 593 (BS 5155) : PN6, PN10 and PN16
AWWA-C-504 : Class 25, 75 and 150


Operation by

Hand Lever (Up to 150mm)
Quarter Turn Worm Gear Box (Manual) Quarter Turn Worm Gear Box (Manual)
Electrical Actuator with Quarter Turn Worm
 Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Operator


End Connections

 Wafer/ Double Flanged
 Flanges drilled to IS/ BSEN / AWWA/ ANSI/
DIN/ as per customer requirement


Working Temp

-20℃ to 110℃ EPDM Seat
-10℃ to 80℃ NBR Seatt