Calibration & Testing Services

We offer Calibration services to:

Pressure Gauges
Temperature Gauges & Indicators
Clamp Meters
Dead Weight Testers


We calibrate and repair your measuring instruments in the  calibration laboratory or on site at your premises. Product quality, operational safety and cost effectiveness relate directly to an accurate and reliable registration of the process variables. Therefore, you should entrust the calibration, maintenance and repair of your measuring instruments, in the calibration laboratory or on site, to a competent partner.


Prior to calibration an evaluation of the calibration capability of the instruments is performed and, if necessary, an adjustment. The calibration is carried out in accordance with the valid directives. The results of the calibration are documented in a calibration certificate and the calibration item receives a calibration mark. We calibrate pressure  and temperature measuring instruments of our own manufacture, as well as those of other manufacturers.



Calibration service Pressure


We calibrate your pressure measuring instruments quickly and precisely

■ in the range of -1 bar … +1200 bar

■ using high-precision reference standards (pressure balances) and working standards (precise electrical pressure measuring instruments)

■ with an accuracy upto 0.007% of reading depending on the pressure range



Calibration service Temperature

We calibrate your temperature measuring instruments quickly and precisely

■ in the range of -70 °C ... +650 °C

■ in calibration baths, tube furnaces or at fixed points using appropriate reference thermometers

■ with an accuracy of 0.01K depending on temperature and the procedure




We also provide on site calibration...